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        Engine Oil Filter
        Cabin Air Filter
        Engine Air Filter
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        Bengbu Welte Filter Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer concentrated in kinds of filters. The company has comparative advantage of independent research and development, and has authorized license of import & export.
        The company locates in Mohekou Industrial Park,Huaishang District,Bengbu City. , with an area around 10 thousand m­2, which is very convenient for transportation since it is just near highway of ninlou, and bengshi. 
        Our main products include: cabin air filter, engine oil filter (with paper core imported from EU or USA), engine air filter (with type of PP, EP) etc. We use material with high quality from USA, Korea as we have products positioned for the middle and high-end market.
        The company services with concept “Honest Business, Team-Work Respecting, Excellence Pursuance and Customer Satisfaction”, and are equipped with rich experienced technical workers, advanced producing and testing machines, and sound management system. We only allow products with best performance delivered to the customer.
        We welcome you to join us for business or visiting. With our cooperation, we believe a both better future.

        Company Culture: from anxiety, rigorous, progressive, united, pragmatic.
        Quality Policy: Lean production and harmonious developing.
        Management concept: people-first, clear responsibility and authority, attention to detail.

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